Robotics 2015

After a fairly successful showing at our first competition at Myrtle Beach, we have three weeks to make spare / new parts for the robot. The robot itself is in a bag and off limits. We are only allowed to work on spare / new parts between competitions. We are working on changing our trash can flipper style loader to a lifter over the exit chute. the lifter will allow us to place a trashcan on top of totes ourselves.  Here is a picture of the robot from the Palmetto Regional at Myrtle Beach.

At Palmetto Regional

At Palmetto Regional

Virginia Creeper Marathon

After a long and cold training period from January to March, my buddy Chris and I ran the Virginia Creeper Marathon today in Abingdon, VA. The race was on the lower end of the Virginia Creeper Trail.  The course was great – all trail except for a couple of miles at the beginning. The weather – not so much. It rained the whole time and temps started out at 38 and climed all the way up to 43. Everything got wet, shoes, shirt, and hat. I ran the race in a rain jacket because it was cold enough. Thinkgs went well until I stopped to change my socks and shirt at mile 18. It was hard to get back in the groove after that and I had to slow down and walk some. All in all, I’m glad I did it (especially now – aftewards). Miles 19-26 were pretty tough. I had to just find a pace I could maintain and just keep going.

Chris and I after the VA Creeper Marathon

Water Pump Installed Wrong

A few weeks ago I finally got around to replacing the water pump on my 2004 Chevy Silverado. It had been slowly loosing coolant from behind the water pump and I assumed it needed a new one. When I got it off, I discovered one of the gaskets had been installed incorrectly from the factory.

Thanks a lot Chevy