Virginia Creeper Trail

For Spring break, Carol and I decided to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail. Its a 33 mile long trail from Whitetop to Arbington in Virginia. It drops in elevation over 1500 feet from the high point at Whitetop. We decided to ride the whole thing.

Instead of camping at the top, we decided to stay in a motel in Arbington. Not just any motel, but a retro 1950’s style place called the Alpine Motel. It had good reviews: quite, large clean rooms, and a great view outside. Check out its name in large letters that are visible from the Interstate.

Alpine Inn

View from the Alpine Inn

Staying in Abington had several advantages: It was a shorter drive from home since its right by the interstate and not way up the mountain. We could catch a shuttle to the top in the morning and not have to hurry to meet a scheduled pickup at the end of our ride.

Here we are ready to leave on the shuttle to the top:

Waiting for the shuttle
Waiting for the shuttle

After what seemed like a rather long ride (over 30 minutes) we arrived at Whitetop. Here we are ready to start down the hill:


Riding the trail there are numerous tresles (over a 100), restored train stations, and a few places to eat. Here are pictures of the trail:

Taking a break on the trail

Map Marker on the trail


Appalachian trail marker


A stop on the trail
A stop on the trail

A stop on the trail

Green Cove Station

A sign on the trail

The half-way point!

Welcome to the halfway point - 17 miles down, 16 to go

Here’s where we stopped to have lunch. Its called “In The Country” and its in Damascus.

Where we ate lunch - In the Country at Damascus


A trestle on the way

Here’s Alvarado station. Its named after Alvarado, TX

Alvarado Staion - named after Alvarado TX



Here we are at the finish – the trailhead in Abington

At the trailhead in Abington - 33 miles from where we started

In conclusion, it was a great ride, but i would like to try a “comfort bike” instead of a mountain bike next time. The top half was very easy since its almost all downhill and the bottom wasn’t bad, it was mostly level. Our total time for the ride including lunch was a few minutes oveer six hours. We were stopped for nearly an hour to eat and rest.


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